Innovative Thunder strikes

Creative team Christian Behrendt and Leif Abraham (“Innovative Thunder”) wrote an actionable and fun book on marketing in the digital age. Which is not just about “doing something with social media”, in case you were wondering. Some of their mantra’s:

• Digital is not a job for specialists anymore.

• If an idea doesn’t work online, it’s not a good idea.

• Interactive doesn’t mean it’s digital.

• Add meaning, not media.

Download the book here for free and pay with a tweet.

Great TED talk by Jamie Oliver about how the unhealthy food landscape in America shortens the life expectancy of children. According to Jamie, schools need to cook proper local food onsite, every child needs to leave school knowing how to cook at least 10 recipes, food brands should put food education at the heart of their businesses and supermarkets need an ambassador in every store teaching us how to cook.