CatEye is the leading manufacturer of cycle computers, lights and reflectors. The brand had achieved cult status in their industry and never had to do any serious marketing - until a new competitor came in and disrupted the market. We were tasked with identifying audience personas, uncovering ownable emotional territories, recommending a brand positioning and briefing the ad agency’s messaging campaign.


We did a quantitative survey and mobile video research among a diverse group of sports enthusiasts. We also identified industry and cultural trends, looked at competitive data and brand history. We then presented our findings and moderated a workshop with client and agency stakeholders.


We uncovered a key consumer insight that inspired a compelling new brand narrative and campaign that renewed momentum for the brand. At the end of our presentation the client's CEO and CMO gave us a standing ovation. That was a first. 

The campaign earned global recognition from the cycling community.

(With Amélie Company)

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